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Dear Visitor,

let me introduce myself directly and simply.

I was born as the only girl to my family in “Lenin city”, in Hungary. But I spent my school years in the capital, where thanks to my never tired mum I could express myself as a true fish in many creative ways: playing the violin, drawing cartoons, dancing, winning one painting competition after the other, founding a successful enterprise, acting, being a problematic teenager with never ending fights, being a young parliamentary, and if you are interested in what else I did and tried please wait for the novel of my life. I have some friends who plan to write it. 

I stayed in Budapest until I completed my academic studies in economics. With a useful degree in my pocket, I left for Zürich, where I finally started to persue my dreams about singing.

I don’t want to bore you with the list of my teachers, masterclasses and roles I had. But I can assure you that I put in every possible effort to excel at my singing studies, whilst also trying to make ends meet by having side-jobs as a teacher, a bartender, a babysitter and so on. As most artists, I had a bohemian life, which rather meant the constant insecurity than the endless bottles of absinth. One thing, however, never changed: I kept practicing and I enjoyed making music.

I would describe myself as a classical musician, without categorising of what kind. I had enough opinions -which just pulled me back- about my voice type from dramatic til soubrette and as a good kid I always tried to fulfil those expectations. I am a soprano who loves the most to sludge into a role (except the everyday makeup and hairdo part), but I get goosebumps when I hear the echo of my voice in a beautiful church, or when I finish the final chord with my quartet and the audience stays quiet for a moment before applause would start.

I am a creative, music-loving girl and my goal is to share as many emotions and beauty to as many people as possible through my singing.


Thank you for your attention, and wish you a very nice time on my homepage!